Curse #3 – Pestilence

We have now covered the first two curses of Leviticus 26. Terror and Drought. Each curse does not run alone. Each one is added to the previous curse and they both continue to take their toll as long as Israel (the USA, the UK, the State of Israel and other western Israelite nations) refuse to repent and turn back to Yehovah.

When my daughter was little we had to implement a rule because she would not stop having temper tantrums. We told her she had used up her warning, then we told her the rules that would now apply.

Next time she did this we would spank her on the bum one time. If she did it again after that we spank her on the bum and on each hand for a total of three times.

If she did it again we would spank her 5 times and if she did it again after that it would be ten times.

Well it was not to long before she had a temper tantrum and we spanked her the one time and warned her about the next time. Later that week she did it again and we spanked her three times in spite her many pleads that she would not do it again if did not spank her.

The next day she had another temper tantrum. So we got out the wooden spoon and spanked her five times.

It was not two days later she did it again. I got to six and could not go further. I was crying. It hurt me to enforce the punishment. This was the last time she ever had a temper tantrum.

It is the same way with Yehovah. He warns us in His word. When we do not obey he sends Terror as His first punishment. If we still do not obey then Yehovah adds to the terror, Drought.

Then if we still will not obey Him, He send another curse and adds it to the first two.

In Leviticus 26:

  • Then, if you walk contrary to Me, and are not willing to obey Me, I will bring on you seven times more plagues, according to your sins.
  • I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, destroy your livestock, and make you few in number; and your highways shall be desolate.

There are many places Yehovah says He will send three plagues. Famine and Pestilence and the sword. He would say all three as though they were packaged in a group.

When I was first looking at this scripture in Lev 26:21 I thought it was going to be actual animals attacking us and eating us where ever we go. But it did not fit all the scriptures that I was reading, which talked about this.

Then I realized that the wild animals Yehovah would send would be carried by other animals.

The same way the 185,000 Assyrians were killed who fought against Hezekiah at Jerusalem. These soldiers were not attacked by the mice infestation, but they were killed by what the mice carried on them. Infected fleas and ticks.

This word rob as in ˜shall rob you” is used just this one time in all the bible. It is Strong’s #7921 The word is Shakol and means to suffer an abortion, miscarriage, to make childless, lose children, destroy, miscarry, spoil, rob of children.

The other word in this scripture I want to bring to your attention is the word Desolate. It is Strong’s #8074 Shawmem and means appalled, awestruck, stunned, horrified, devastated, ravaged, astounded.

When this next curse takes place, you will be so astounded, so horrified at the devastation, that you will be appalled and stunned at the number of deaths and at who is dying.

This curse of Pestilence is added to the previous two.

Let’s review this last Jubilee cycle and see the Sabbatical cycle layout for the curses.

The two columns are repeats. One is in Gregorian dates and the one on the right, is in years since creation of Adam. If you look at the left column, you’ll see it the right column is the cycle of Terror and is runs from 1996 – 2002.

Terror began in 1996. The first year in this last Jubilee cycle. Terror was the head line news during this time. Seven years later, in the spring of 2003 at Aviv is the beginning of the next count of seven years. The last year in each cycle is the 7th year, the Sabbatical Year.

From 2003 – 2009 is the second curse of Drought. This has been the head line news during these years. The severe weather. Hurricanes and cyclones. Tornadoes, all of which we discussed last week. This curse also goes to the end. As each year passes by the droughts effect on our planet will be measured by the increasing famine that is already taking hold of the earth.

These famines will then in turn be a cause or lead into the third curse, which is this week’s subject. Pestilence.

It will begin after 2010, and will run until the end alongside with Drought and Terror.

In 2010 we have a Lunar eclipse. This is generally thought of as a bad omen. Here is another view of the same calendar as above.

  1. 1996 1 Terror  & a Jubilee Year with this being the beginning of a new Jubilee year cycle 
  2. 1997 2 Terror 
  3. 1998 3 Terror 
  4. 1999 4 Terror 
  5. 2000 5 Terror 
  6. 2001 6 Terror 
  7. 2002 7 Terror  & a Sabbatical Year 

(The Second Cycle of Drought; Terror Intensifies)

  • 2003 1 Drought 
  • 2004 2 Drought 
  • 2005 3 Drought 
  • 2006 4 Drought 
  • 2007 5 Drought 
  • 2008 6 Drought 
  • 2009 7 Drought & a Sabbatical Year

(The Third Cycle of Pestilence; Terror and Drought Intensify)   

  1. 2010 1 Pestilence
  2. 2011 2 Pestilence
  3. 2012 3 Pestilence
  4. 2013 4 Pestilence
  5. 2014 5 Pestilence
  6. 2015 6 Pestilence
  7. 2016 7 Pestilence & a Sabbatical Year

When I was working on the Jubilee message I did a little experiment and I took the years that I believed were those years when a Pestilence would occur, such as 2010-2024. I said that it went until 2024 as it is also part of the next curse. It is also part of the last curse but I did not include those years here.

Because each curse is not a one year event, I said that it would last for 14 years because Pestilence is repeated in the 4th curse of Lev 26.

I found that as I went back in history almost all Pestilence outbreaks, such as the plague, cholera, typhus and other epidemics landed in this 14 year window. Not all, but the majority. I am referring to when I used what I called the Israelite countries, the USA and the UK and the colonies that came out of Britain.

Going back in time by 49 year cycles we get the following chart

2010-2024 Lev 26:22

  • 1961-1975 – The 1960’s Cholera called El Tor
  • 1912-1926 – 1899-1923 Cholera and 1918-1920 Avian Flu
  • 1863-1877 – 1863-1875 Cholera
  • 1814-1828 – 1816-1826 1829-1851 Cholera
  • 1765-1779 – 1775-1776 Influenza
  • 1716-1730 – 1732-1733 Influenza

During this 14 year period of time in each of these Jubilee cycles when the third curse of Pestilence was to be applied I found that epidemics did occur during this time period. This does not preclude it from happening during other times. But during this time frame it did take place.

Once I saw this, I decided to take a look at those countries I consider to be of Israelite descent. The following chart shows you those plagues that occurred during this same time period during each Jubilee cycle.

Those with the * indicate that they did not fall within our guide lines. All the rest did.

  • 1832 Cholera; England and Paris
  • 1816-1819 Typhus; Ireland
  • 1720-1722 Great Plague; France
  • *1710-1711 Plague; Sweden
  • 1668 Plague; France
  • 1665 Plague; England
  • 1663-1664 Plague; Holland
  • 1636 Plague; England
  • *1603 Plague; England
  • 1574 Plague; Scotland
  • *1563-1564 Plague; England
  • *1509-1510 Plague; England
  • *1498 Plague; England
  • *1494-1495 Plague; England
  • 1485 Sweating; England
  • 1428 Plague; England

In all of these plagues millions died.

When I then checked the disease out breaks in the USA history, I found that out of the 52 epidemics since the founding of the USA, more than half of them fell in this time period.

In the 1918 Flu epidemic, my Great Grand Parents lost a son. He was just 18. They had 11 children yet they mourned over this one son for a long time. It does not matter how many children you have, to lose just one is horrendous. And yet this third curse says that you will be robbed of your children.

You will notice that the 1918 Flu epidemic just so happens to fall in time period for pestilence in the 3rd sabbatical cycle during a Jubilee cycle. In this epidemic 20-40 million people died around the world. And it started when the disease jumped from birds to humans. This is the very same scenario that the World Health Organization is on the watch for right now. They call it the bird flu.

Could this same thing happen starting after 2010? We in North America have become complacent. We do not fear the diseases the rest of the world has to deal with.

In 2003 SARS hit Toronto and other cities around the world. Tourism to Toronto stopped during this time. Although it was not a total outbreak, it was very easy to see just how the last part of this curse could come to pass. That our streets will be desolate. No one will go out during this time. All travel will stop.

Most of the people that died from SARS were front line Nurses. My wife is a Nurse. Just imagine what it would be like if we lost all the hospital staff. Who then will people go to for help.

I have just posted this week two articles about a number of children in China that died, titled, More Chinese children die from hand, foot and mouth disease, other countries hit. 

In the DVD presentation I spend quite a bit of time on this next chart. It shows you all the recession years from 1910 to date. It also shows the amount of money the banks have borrowed from the Federal Reserve in order to stay solvent. Study this chart closely. It is a very terrifying chart if you think about what is going on and about the nightly news for this past winter of 2008. (Sorry, the charts are no longer available to include here.)

Notice that 2009-2010 is a Sabbatical year. So are the following years.

Notice how many of the recessionary years on the chart are very close or match the Sabbatical years.

Also notice how much money was lent to the banks during the great depression. Then notice how much money was lent during the savings and loan fiasco in the early 1980’s. Now notice how much was lent as of Jan 1 2008. Then realize the number of large financial institutes that were in great trouble this year in 2008.

While looking at this chart I ask people to consider what else has been in the news lately. Ben Bernanke has been lowering interest rates in order to keep the economy going. To prevent a recession in an election year. As far as I know there has never been a recession in an election year in the history of the USA. The next President takes office Jan 1 2009.

But while Bernanke has lowered interest rates, the price of oil has gone through the roof. Oil is used for everything under the sun. (As of 2008 when this was written.) If oil is going up in price so are all of our other supplies. If they are going up in price then inflation is going up and the way to fight inflation is to raise interest rates, yet, Bernanke is lowering them.

When he does this the US dollar falls in value compared to other currencies. It is the other countries that buy the US dollar in the form of Gov. Bonds, or US debt. Each city and county and state sells these bonds in order to finance the services and maintenance projects it does. But if no one buys the US dept in the form of bonds, how will these government agencies pay for things like the maintenance of sewage treatment and water treatment plants. If our Governments do not pay their bills or pay their employees, who will work in these treatment plants?

If the sewage is not treated then downstream the next town is going to get bad water. If the water is not treated then people will die as they did here in Walkerton, Ontario just a few years ago.

If the garbage is not picked up then mice and rats will flourish. If people are put out of their homes because of mortgage foreclosures, where will they live?

If people are living under bridges and in the fields, then the mice and rats can walk up and snuggle up to them or bite them.

Are you aware that Typhus is transmitted by bites from lice, fleas, mites or ticks, which are carried by rodents? Are you aware that the plague is also carried by these same ticks and fleas, which then bite you and give you the disease. Also known as the black death.

This past week I have been working out of town, and sleeping in a hotel. It was an upscale hotel and we have stayed there before. This time though, I was bitten all over my arms and sides by fleas. I looked like I had the measles. And they are very itchy. But once you get the fleas on you, it is hard to get rid of them. I have had a rough week.

Cholera is spread by water or food contaminated by feces of others previously infected. It is characterized by severe diarrhea, vomiting and muscle cramps.

In 2007 I was in Israel and went to the Springs of Engede. While swimming in the water I may have licked my lips. I did not drink the water. I just licked my lips. Three days later I was severely sick and could not leave the toilet for more than a few minutes at a time. I thought I was going to die. Up steam from this spring of Engede is an animal reserve. Who knew?

It was at this time that I understood what Jeremiah was saying in Jeremiah 30:4

“And these are the words that the LORD spoke concerning Israel and concerning Judah. 6 Ask you now, and see whether a man does travail with child? Why then do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness?”

It will be because they are sick and throwing up or will have severe runs due to Cholera, which is caused by bad drinking water.

The World Health Organization Has said that the next flu epidemic will be caused when it jumps over from birds to people. They go on to say that 7.4 million people will die in just 3 months.

Isaiah 28:18 when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

Isaiah 28:19 From the time that it goes forth it shall take you: for morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night: and it shall be a vexation only to understand the report.

As you come to understand these things I am showing you which come right out of your own bible, Isaiah is saying that his report will make you sick just to know and understand it.

It all starts so simply, a little sniffle by your child, a cough by your wife or someone walking by you in the hall way, then the next thing you know you are sick.

Here are reports on the food crisis, which relates to the Second Curse of Drought:

The global food crisis is beginning to spread from the Third World into the First World. The world’s first major food crisis since World War II is spreading from the Third World to the First World.

For the past half-century, Britain has been lulled into the belief that a plentiful supply of food is here to stay. Supermarkets give us a season-defying availability of agricultural products, sourced from all over the planet, 365 days a year. We gorge ourselves …

The truth is that Britain (and America for that matter) produces far less food than it consumes because it is cheaper to import food from cheap-labor countries like Thailand or Brazil.

One fungus could bring famine for years to come. The fungus, Ug99, first discovered in Uganda in 1999, is known as African rust and is highly lethal for wheat crops.

It took Ug99 a long to time spread beyond Uganda. This year, though, Kenya and Ethiopia have reported epidemic levels of fungal infection.

Twenty percent of global calorie intake comes from wheat. Should a wheat famine strike, bread would shoot up in price and in some cases be unavailable.

Brethren, it is because of this next curse that I am motivated to speak up and let all that I love,  know what is coming. This is why I have shared with as many of you as will listen, all that I have learned on this.

Will you do the same? Will you tell your family, and friends, and even those who do not yet understand this way of living, by keeping the Torah, and obeying Yehovah? Will you tell them.

If the watchman sees the sword and does not speak out, they will die and their blood will be on you. You now have that responsibility to share this message with other. Even those who do not believe.


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