Did God Establish Food Laws?

What was Known at Creation? Was the knowledge of Clean And Unclean animals known since creation? Let’s look at this verse for our answer.  We see Abel brought the firstborn of his flock as an offering.  Genesis 4:4  And Abel also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat of it. And … Continue reading Did God Establish Food Laws?


The Death of the Messiah: Who killed Him

(By Henry Mate) A couple of years ago ,I was asked a very pertinent question.*Who killed Yehshua the Meshiach?" My head swagged. If you were me, what would have been your answer? I imagined going back some 1985 years ago and outside Jerusalem gazing at the saviour hanging crucified. Roman soldiers gambling for His garments. … Continue reading The Death of the Messiah: Who killed Him

Jesus, Pharisees, and the Two Laws

Did We Misunderstand? Most of us were brought up lumping the Pharisees together as a bad bunch of people. We’ve read many arguments in Scripture, including Paul’s letters, and saw them as the enemy preaching The Law while Jesus (Yeshua) and Paul condemned The Law. The question is, “Did we interpret these arguments accurately?”  The … Continue reading Jesus, Pharisees, and the Two Laws