Lucifer: How he Fell

(Henry Mate,Beyth Shalom Torah Ministry) Many do not know the astonishing facts about the “adversary” or “accuser,”  also known as Lucifer, Satan or the Devil. Yehshua introduces the scenario in Luke 10: 1 And after these things the Lord appointed seventy others, And He sent them two and two before His face into every city … Continue reading Lucifer: How he Fell


The Death of the Messiah: Who killed Him

(By Henry Mate) A couple of years ago ,I was asked a very pertinent question.*Who killed Yehshua the Meshiach?" My head swagged. If you were me, what would have been your answer? I imagined going back some 1985 years ago and outside Jerusalem gazing at the saviour hanging crucified. Roman soldiers gambling for His garments. … Continue reading The Death of the Messiah: Who killed Him