Salvationists – False Shepherds

by Henry Mate First recorded in 1880–85; salvation + -istNoun: a member of the Salvation Army.In lowercase, a person who preaches salvation, deliverance from sin, etc., and the means of obtaining it; i.e. an evangelist.Salavation Army: an international Christian organization founded in England in 1865 by William Booth, organized along quasi-military lines. It is devoted … Continue reading Salvationists – False Shepherds


Jesus, Pharisees, and the Two Laws

Did We Misunderstand? Most of us were brought up lumping the Pharisees together as a bad bunch of people. We’ve read many arguments in Scripture, including Paul’s letters, and saw them as the enemy preaching The Law while Jesus (Yeshua) and Paul condemned The Law. The question is, “Did we interpret these arguments accurately?”  The … Continue reading Jesus, Pharisees, and the Two Laws

Falsely Accused

Paul was Falsely Accused The letters of Paul contain many verses that seemingly contradict The Law, known as The Torah, in Hebrew.  That contradiction, however, is entirely in the misunderstanding of Hebraic terms, idioms, culture, and the people to whom he addressed.  This has caused many to turn away. Even Peter expressed that Paul’s teachings … Continue reading Falsely Accused